Why choose a Krushr 12 inch trash compactor?

  • Narrow width is ideal for small kitchens
  • Get kitchen space back by crushing recycling waste*
  • Save time with less trips to the bin
  • ‘Hypercrush’ mode means kitchen recycling stays compacted
  • Quiet crushing action means you won’t notice your Krushr

*Reduce 5.5 cubic feet of recycling by 85%* on average

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If you're tired of all that recycling garbage cluttering up your kitchen then our K012 is the model you've been waiting for.   Requiring only as 12 inch space and no cabinet housing, this model is ideal where space is at a premium.   This single silo compactor makes easy work of disposing of all your compressible recyclable garbage in one convenient place.  Quiet with a simple push button operation.  Its hypercrush feature removes the memory in certain recyclables ensuring greater compaction so you can fill the bin over and over again.  Less trips to the outside bins!

Suitable for co-mingled recycling collections.        

1 year guarantee included                                                       Krushr bags available
Requires a 12" space

Key Features

  • Fully integrated or stainless steel door available as an optional extra
  • Absorbs 5.5 cubic feet of uncrushed recycling eg plastics, food packaging, card, paper, drink cans, food tins
  • Energy efficient hyper crush mode maintaining compaction force without the use of energy
  • Independently fits a 12" space requiring no additional housing
  • Average 85% compaction ratio (depending on material type)
  • No servicing required
  • Custom fit bags available to help keep your silo clean and ease emptying 
  • Safety features include child protection key lock
  • Stainless steel door optional
  • Made in the United Kingdom


Installation and technical information

  • Product dimensions - Height 821mm (341116" maximum height fully extended feet - minimum height 312732" with feet removed) x Width 11⅞" x Depth 22"
  • Will sit behind a continuous plinth - Maximum plinth height with legs at full extension 158mm.
  • Height adjustable feet
  • 600kg equivalence ram activates the compaction crush cycle
  • Power supply: 120V 270W 60Hz, Plug Type: Standard US
  • Product Approvals / Conformance: UL/ETL; CE; LVD; EMC

Download the Krushr KO12 Trash Compactor Brochure

Download the Krushr Product Dimensions

Please note: The door panel shown is for illustration purposes only and is not included.  A stainless steel door is optional or your kitchen supplier will be able to supply a door panel for this appliance to match your kitchen units. 

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12" Inch Compactor Works Well

We also had a 12" Broan compactor that finally gave up the ghost after many repairs. After using the Krushr compactor for almost two weeks it is superior in every way. We can't believe how quiet it is! I do have one bit of advice about installation... When the drawer is pulled out, the back end of the unit will tilt up unless you anchor it in some way. What I did was to attach a block of wood just above the back of the compactor so that if it tries to tilt, the block will stop it. I think this is much easier to do than any other anchoring method.

love this compactor but dog can open

Replaced 17 year old Broan 12" with this Krushr about 6 months ago. Love everything about it more than the Broan EXCEPT that our dog can open it because it just gently shuts without the door being held in. Somehow this did not happen with the Broan. We can't leave her in at all every time we go somewhere. I give it a 1 star for that but a 5 star for everything else.

Better than the old GE

Exceptionally well built, quiet, and nice looking. Workmanship, including fit and finish, is outstanding. I was surprised to see that even the sides and back were stainless. The bucket too! Installation took about 30 min including removal of the old GE 12". Have had a week and we really like it.

Great Machine

Quiet, unobtrusive and gets the job done. My children have named it Jeeves.

Best compactor ever

I had been searching for a replacement 12" compactor for some time and was a little concerned about ordering a unit sight unseen. Wow I wish that I had found this unit years ago. The unit is quiet, sleek, well built and the bin holds more then my old unit. I would recommend it to anyone that asks.

Unit had no screws

Although they sent these out by express and also apologized profusely

Best Yet

For almost 30 years we have had a series of GE monogram compactors, and have never had as fine a machine as this. The speed of normal function as well as the almost silent operation make the device a miracle. Considering you were the only option I could find, it is a significant bonus that the machine is so far superior in both function and looks. There are a lot of people who had 12 inch compactors that will need replacements, and I hope you make an effort to reach them. I say this for my own benefit, because I want you to stay in business.

Great Trash Compactor

I had given up on finding a 12" replacement for our 20 year-old Broan compactor. It seems the U.S. manufacturers don't care is they leave thousands of home owners with 12" holes in their custom cabinets. After hours of searching the web for a 12" replacement I saw a reference to the Krushr and ordered one. Apparently they are in high demand as the 12" model was available as a pre-order only. I also ordered the stainless steel door. Assembly was easy including attaching the door. The Krushr exceeded my expectations and is superior in every way to our old Broan: better styling, much quieter operation, simpler control, more powerful compaction. We couldn't be more pleased with the Krushr and highly recommend it.